Diversity, equality and inclusion Roadmap

This diversity, equality and inclusion Roadmap draws on work by organisations such as WISE and is designed to help develop a plan and signpost to relevant good practice resources, initiatives and guidance. It will continue to evolve with the input of member organisations, partner organisations and diversity experts.

There are three levels to the Roadmap:

1a. The Schema

This top-level flow diagram is designed to help organisations understand where they are on the diversity journey and which actions to take next.

1b. The Questions

The Roadmap Working Group has developed an extended set of questions associated with each stage on the Roadmap. These are to support action in each of these areas, setting out the main questions organisations might ask themselves and suggesting areas of investigation or action. They have been designed so that each stage can be accessed separately, depending on how far work has already progressed, or used as a complete guide from beginning to evaluation of schemes.

2. The Resources Database

This extensive spreadsheet signposts to good practice resources and initiatives, with a worksheet corresponding to each stage of the Schema. The resources are being reviewed by member organisations and working group members to ensure members can easily find resources that will be most valuable to them.

The Roadmap will be a living document, evolving as the Science Council and Declaration signatories pursue their diversity aspirations. Ideas for new content and commentary on resources are encouraged.

The documents can be downloaded from the Useful Information box. For further information contact Brian Wagenbach.

Other support

The links to external resources below are also good starting points for advice on planning a diversity initiative.

WISE: Journeys into Diversity

An overview of how to start diversity action. The guide was developed for all STEM organisations and sets out three main stages: preparation, making change happen and mainstreaming, and expands on each one with more detail and good practice case studies. View the WISE Industry Led Ten Steps page.

PARN: Diversity Toolkit

This toolkit was developed to answer the question “how can professional bodies embed awareness and support for diversity?” making it a good starting point for diversity action. The toolkit covers the business case and what diversity means for professional bodies, stages of embedding diversity, overcoming barriers, monitoring, and evaluating progress. View the Diversity Toolkit.

ACAS Guide to Equality and Diversity

ACAS has produced a helpful guide which covers the Equality Act and protected characteristics, understanding equality and discrimination, how to prevent discrimination from occurring in the workplace as well as what to do if it happens.

Equality NI: Addressing the Gender Balance in STEM

This report was released alongside a gender equality charter to establish the business case for STEM organisations and suggests a set of good practice guidelines to follow. View the Addressing Gender Balance – Reaping the Gender Dividend report.