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By becoming a member of the Science Council, your organisation will join others such as The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Institute of Science and Technology and the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), who through Science Council membership demonstrate their commitment to supporting their scientific community through setting standards for competence and conduct, backed up by the quality assurance and professional development necessary to uphold such standards.

Our members form a network providing mutual support and professionalism in the practice of science; and through the Science Council speak with one voice to achieve greater recognition for science and technology as we create public benefit through scientific practice that continues to be above reproach.

The Royal Society of Chemistry

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Benefits of Science Council membership

In becoming a member of the Science Council your organisation joins more than 40 other professional bodies and learned socities across science and its applications. Membership gives you influence over the direction of the Science Council.  It gives all your staff and volunteers access to networks, advice and support to enable you to become an even more effective and influential force for your discipline or sector.

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Science Council Member Bodies may also apply for a license to award registration with one or more of the Science Council's registers. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a Licensed Body.


Rights and duties as a Science Council member

The Members Bodies are the guardians of the charity’s constitution, ensuring that the objects of the Science Council’s Royal Charter are delivered. As a Member, your organisation is demonstrating its support for the Science Council, and by doing so, commits to holding the charity’s Board of Trustees to account for the delivery of its charitable objects.

Membership of the charity bestows certain rights including electing (and in certain circumstances removing) the Elected Trustees; electing the President; electing (and in certain circumstances removing) organisations from membership; approving the appointment and remuneration of the auditors; approving amendments to the annual subscription fee; approving changes to the charity’s Royal Charter and Bylaws; receiving and considering the annual report and accounts of the Council; and nominate individuals for election to the Board of Trustees.

Every Member Body has the right to send two representatives to a General Meeting (including the AGM) held, to question the members of the Board, and offer help and support in enabling the charity to fulfil its purpose. At any General Meeting, each Member has one vote.

In addition, every Member is required to appoint a nominated representative to the Science Council and give a written undertaking that the organisation will promote the Object and the interests of the charity, and be bound by all constitutional and regulatory provisions of the charity.

Benefits of becoming a Licensed Member Body

The Science Council licenses member professional bodies to award professional registration for scientists. Registration is only available to members of a professional body and encourages registrants to remain members and make use of the CPD offered by their professional body.

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Our Members and Licensed Professional Bodies

Member organisations cover a breadth of scientific disciplines and sectors.

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