Post-nominal Letters Guidance

Congratulations, you are now the proud possessor of your professional registration as a CSci/RSci/RSciTech/CSciTeach.  After all that hard work you will want to be sure that others are aware of your professional status by adding the post-nominal letters after your name on emails, letters and business cards. So, to help you get it right first time, this is how to do it.

  1. All our designations should come before any others e.g.
    Example: John Smith CSci/RSci/RSciTech/CSciTeach CEng
  2.  If you are a fellow of the Royal Society or Royal Academy of Engineering it should be:
    Example: Amy Hills FRS FREng CSci CEng
  3. If you have been honoured then it should be:
    Example: Ahmed Zafar OBE FRS CSci

Remember, any registration or membership post-nominals should come after your academic post-nominals.
All Registrants should use their post-nominals as it helps to raise awareness for your qualification as well as building your professional status.