Strategy 2019-2022

Our purpose

The Science Council’s charitable purpose as stated in its Royal Charter is “to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of and education in science, pure and applied, for the public benefit.”

To fulfill this purpose, the Science Council advances professionalism in science through the professional registration of scientists and technicians who meet a high professional standard and competence and follow an established code of conduct.

The Science Council’s Royal Charter also defines its role as an umbrella organisation, providing a forum to connect members for discussion and information exchange. This supports our members in furthering their own commitment to advance science for the public’s benefit.

The Science Council provides member bodies with a forum to raise standards through sharing practice and knowledge, and to hold each other to account through a peer-review approach. A successful example of this approach is the recent Diversity, Equality and Inclusion programme of work.

Our values and guiding principles

  • We will be Inclusive of all disciplines of science and all types of scientist and science technicians through our Members.
  • We will be Informed by evidence and research and by our Members and Registrants.
  • At all times, we will be Positive and balanced in our promotion of the contribution of scientists and technicians to society and of our Members, our registrants and the science workforce as a whole.
  • We will be Collaborative in our approach to debate and discussion and in our attitude to conversation in general.

Core roles and activities

Registers and Licences

The Science Council acts as guardian of the registration standards, managing the registers on behalf of members and licensing them to award professional registration. In order to promote high standards of professionalism across all areas of science, the Science Council works with members to make the registers available as widely as possible.

Aims: Administer the professional registers in a manner in keeping with the culture of peer-review, maintaining standards and supporting accessibility. Promote the value of professional registration and grow the number of registrants, with a particular focus on technicians and increasing awareness of professional registration options for technicians.

Community and Membership

The Science Council’s strength comes from its broad membership across disciplines and professions and an ability to be multi- and inter-disciplinary in its approach. We take an inclusive approach to membership and welcome all qualifying organisations committed to high professional standards in science.

Aim: Support the collective work of members for the benefit of science and the profession.

Policy and Influence

Collectively the Science Council’s members connect to a broad community of scientists, technicians, science teachers, students and trainees. Many member bodies actively engage with policy makers, lending their expertise to maximise the value of science to society. The Science Council can coordinate, showcase and amplify these voices to increase impact.

Aim: Maximise the influence of all members and create an inclusive and professional culture in science.

Full version of the Strategy 2019-2022

The full version of the Strategy 2019-2022 can be read here.

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