Strategy 2022-2025

The strategy sets out the vision and direction of the Science Council for the coming years. Science plays a vital role in the progression and stability of society, the environment and the economy. The Science Council represents the broad diversity of the scientific disciplines and we believe that it has a key part to play in ensuring science is conducted with professionalism and applied for public benefit.

Our Values

We are Inclusive of all disciplines of science and all types of scientists, including science technicians and science teachers.

We are Informed by evidence and research and by different perspectives.

We are Positive and balanced in our promotion of the contribution of scientists and science technicians to society and of our Members, registrants and the science workforce as a whole.

We are Collaborative in our approach to debate and discussion and in our attitude to conversation in general.

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Our Core Objectives

Registration & Licensing

Continue to commit to maintaining and improving professionalism in the science workforce through professional registration.

Membership & Community

Bring our members together to facilitate knowledge exchange and identify areas of common interest.

Policy & Influence

Develop our role as a collective voice for our diverse membership on issues that impact the sector.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

EDI is intrinsic to all we do and we will support members to share and learn from one another. A more representative and diverse science workforce is beneficial for society.


If you would like more detailed information about our objectives and how we will achieve them the full version of the Strategy 2022-2025 is available here.

We would love to hear what you think about the new strategy so please contact us to let us know.

Hear from Science Council President Professor Carole as she outlines our vision for this strategic period