Renewing your registration

As a Registrant you will need to renew your registration annually through your Licensed Professional Body. You will receive a reminder from them.

In order to renew you must

  • Complete your CPD return in the form required by your Professional Body
  • Pay your renewal fee

From 1 January 2018 the CSci renewal fee is £45 and the RSci renewal fee is £20. CSciTeach (£25) and RSciTech (£15) remain unchanged.

Increasingly, commercial organisations employing scientists, higher education and research institutes and government departments are looking more favourably on scientists who hold a Chartered or Registered Scientist designation.  Employers are keen to recruit and employ scientists that have demonstrated they have reached the standards necessary to become Registered or Chartered.  They are impressed by those that can demonstrate, through independent review, that they are undertaking appropriate CPD.

More and more employers are also setting out to support their science staff to become registered and a number are Employer Champions working closely with the Science Council.

The requirement to meet CPD standards triggers reflection on your career and learning and supports you to reach your goals.

As a thank you for your continued effort in meeting the standards necessary to remain on the Science Council registers the Science Council is offering you a £10 on any order placed with their shop on or before 31 December 2017.  Use discount code: SCIENCEPROFESSIONAL10

If you have any questions please contact us.