Benefits of Licensing

Eleven reasons why becoming a Licensed Body will benefit you

  1. The Science Council will attract new members to join your professional body.
  2. Many new members will be those with a potential of more than 20 years membership with you.
  3. Registrants must adhere to our CPD competency to gain their professional registration therefore they will be likely to use what you have to offer.
  4. You will save on administration costs as registration applications can be handled for you through our online system. However you can also choose to handle applications yourself.
  5. Training for assessors to assess the competence of applicants is provided free by the Science Council.
  6. You will be supported in maintaining and developing good practice by regular reviews by experts working on behalf of the Science Council.
  7. The Science Council will provide you with support on effectively promoting registration and your code of conduct.
  8. You will be able to access the network and take part in Licensed Body-specific learning groups on topics such as CPD.
  9. You can nominate staff or members from your organisation to serve on the Registration Authority to help set the standards and carry out reviews.
  10. The Science Council will help you raise your profile through promotion, for example, you will be listed on our Professional Bodies page and in the online application system.
  11. Being a Licensed member of the Science Council supports you to raise and reinforce the standards of professionalism, depth and breadth of knowledge within your sector of science and science technology workforce.