Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Science Council Declaration on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Science Council Declaration on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion was developed with Members and first launched in 2014. All Members sign up to the Declaration, which has helped drive commitment and action to work in this area, including the development of Member strategies and action plans as well as the increase in resources to support engagement and culture change.

The Declaration has the strategic aim of achieving a more diverse scientific workforce and states:

‘By living the values of equity, diversity and inclusion, and critically assessing and acknowledging the inequalities that exist, the Science Council and its member bodies will create greater opportunity for any individual to fulfil their scientific potential, irrespective of their background or circumstances. In so doing it will also help science to better serve society by attracting the widest possible talent to the science workforce and fostering a greater diversity of scientific ideas, research and technology.’

Diversity and Inclusion Progression Framework 2.0

The Diversity and Inclusion Progression Framework has been updated for 2021. Here you will find the Progression Framework 2.0 Guidance and here you will find the Progression Framework 2.0. The Framework is a tool for professional bodies to assess and monitor their progress on diversity and inclusion. Developed in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, this is a key element of the support available for Science Council member organisations, as they seek to embed inclusive practices into their strategies, planning and organisational cultures.

Progression Framework Benchmarking Reports: Scientific Bodies

The Science Council has set itself a strategic ambition to work towards a science workforce that reflects the diversity of society. Below you will find a links to the most recent Scientific Bodies and combined Scientific and Engineering benchmarking reports.

Please click here for the 2021 Scientific Bodies Benchmarking report.

Please click here for the 2021 Joint Report for Engineering and Scientific Bodies

Diversity and Inclusion Progression Framework Steering Group

The Progression Framework Steering Group was established to take forward the recommendations from the 2017 benchmarking report and will continue its work in taking forward the 2021 benchmarking report recommendations.

View the current information and resources brought together by the steering group here.