Apply for membership

To apply for membership your organisation must:

  • Be an independent professional body which exists for the collective pursuit of professional aims and objectives with practicing scientists in your membership.
  • Have at least one membership category which is based on standards of competence (i.e. appropriate qualification and / or relevant professional practice)
  • Become a signatory to the Science Council Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
  • Have a code of conduct for your members

If your organisation can meet these requirements then it is eligible to be considered for membership.  Please do email if you would like to explore this with us and apply for membership.

How to apply for membership

Follow our simple steps to make your application.

  • Download the application checklist
  • Consider how well your organisation meets the requirements for membership. Return copies of the checklist marked up to show whether you can meet the requirements along with related required documentation
  • We will be in touch with you to meet and discuss your application.
  • Once your application is complete the Science Council Board will then discuss your application at the next Board meeting (applications will need to be submitted at least 4 weeks before the meeting).
  • If approved by the Board, the Board will recommend membership for your organisation at the next meeting of the full Council or sometimes by email between Council meetings.
  • Once agreed by the Council of Members you are officially welcomed to the Council.

Email us if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything.  We are keen to help you meet the requirements for membership.

How much does membership cost?

Your membership fee is based on your number of qualifying members. 

Qualifying members are those who pay a membership fee, including overseas registrants. The calculation excludes students, overseas members who are not registrants and retired members.  

From January 2019, the membership subscription rate is £0.81 per qualifying member (this has been held on the previous year's rate). For the current year, subscriptions are again capped at 30,000 qualifying members. The per capita rate increases based on the annual RPI at end of each calendar year.

The minimum fee is £750, which will be charged if a member organisation has fewer than 943 qualifying members.

How long does it take to become to a member?

Once your membership application is received, it is reviewed by the Science Council Board. If recommended by the Board for membership it is sent to the full Council for approval. This process normally takes about 3 to 4 months.

What happens after becoming a member?

New members are welcomed into membership, usually at a Council meeting. You and your team will be offered an induction meeting with our CEO or other relevant members of staff.

We will start to promote your organisation on our website and newsletter and via social media. You will be invited to join the various groups and forums and be given the dates of forthcoming meetings and events. Your staff will be given the opportunity to receive our newsletter and you are given access to the membership area on the website.

Maintaining your membership

To remain a Science Council member, each year we ask you to;

  • Provide information about your membership numbers.
  • Pay the annual membership fee

Please do email us if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything.