How to apply for professional registration

How to apply

You can apply for professional registration as a CSci, RSci or RSciTech through the Science Council’s online system. This supports you to complete both your registration and your professional body membership application. The online system is currently being updated and is due to open for new applications in January 2024. If you would like to make a start on your application, please use one of the templates below. When the application system reopens, you can copy your information into the form.

If you would like to be contacted when the system is open for applications in January 2024, please complete this form with your contact details.

There is also the option of applying through the Licensed Professional Body you wish to join. You can find a list of our Licensed Bodies as well as links to their websites here.

If you are already a member of a Licensed Professional Body then you can use the Science Council’s online system or apply for professional registration through your Professional Body.

Please note that not all Professional Bodies are licensed to award all registers held by the Science Council. Applicants should check prior to your application that the Professional Body you would like to apply for is licensed for your chosen professional registration award.

If you are a science teacher or lecturer, you may want to apply for professional registration as a CSciTeach. To apply you will need to be a member of a relevant Licensed Professional Body and apply to them.

For applicants who have partially completed an application using the Science Council portal, you can continue your application here.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries.

Application FAQs

How do I start?

To complete your application you will need:

  • An up to date CV
  • Details of your qualifications including certificates

When you are ready, create an account on the online application system. You can log in again at any time to continue with your application. The work you have done will be saved when you log out and be there for you next time you log in.

You can choose a Licensed Professional Body and start your membership application with them. If you are already a member of a professional body, sign up to the Science Council's online application system or apply via your Licensed Professional Body.

To apply for CSciTeach you will need to choose a Licensed Professional Body that offers CSciTeach and apply via them.

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What will I be asked?

There are several stages to filling in your application:

  • Select which award you are applying for.
  • Initial questions – these are just a few questions about you and your motivation for applying.
  • Professional Body membership – either provide your membership ID (if you are already a member of a Professional Body licensed to award the registration you’re applying for), or select which Licensed Professional Body you would like to join.
  • Tell us about yourself – submit your personal details, your employer, your qualifications and CV.
  • Tell us about your supporter - you will be asked to provide their name, job title, employer and work email address.
  • Let us know how you will be paying
  • Complete your competence report
  • Declaration - sign up to the CPD standards and registrant code of conduct

Once this has been completed you can submit your finished application.

If you need extra support, the Science Council offers face to face assessments for applicants in special circumstances. Please get in touch with our registration team here to find out more.

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What standards must I meet?

Find the RSciTech, RSci, CSci and CSciTeach standards here.

To be awarded registration you must:

To remain on the register you must demonstrate you are maintaining or advancing your skills and knowledge through continuing professional development (CPD) and you must continue to pay your fee.

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What are the academic and work experience requirements?

The academic and work experience requirements for professional registration depend on the register which you are applying for.

Read the guidance on academic and work experience requirements here (PDF).

Is there a word count for my application?

There is not a strict word count for your competence report, however we recommend around 1000 words per section.

For example, around 1000 words for section A, 1000 for section B and so on.

For tips and tricks on how to fill out your competence report, check out our guidance here. Alternatively, attend one of our free virtual workshops here.

How long does an application take?

You are in control of how long you take to complete each section. The online system will save what you have submitted. Most people fill in their application over several sessions, a piece at a time. The most challenging part is completing your competence report. Read our top tips for completing your assessment report.

The average time it takes for someone to complete their application is 2 months. The fastest anyone has completed their application is 29 days.

After submitting your completed application, the Science Council will complete some initial checks of your application.

Once we have your completed application, two assessors will be assigned to review your application. It can take from 3 to 12 weeks for the assessors to be assigned and complete the review of your application.

Once we receive the two assessors’ reviews, you will be advised of their recommendation.

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Where can I get help and support?

We provide monthly free online workshops to help you complete your application for professional registration.

Visit our support page to find out more.

You can also get in touch with the Science Council directly at or 020 3434 2020. We will always be happy to help.

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How much does professional registration cost?

The cost of professional registration will vary depending on your chosen award and the application route that you take.

See a detailed view of our fees and costing structure here.

Many employers are willing to cover the costs of these fees. Check what your employer's policy is. In most cases you can claim tax relief on fees for CSci and Professional Body membership fees.

Please visit the webpage or contact the relevant Licensed Professional Body to check their charges.

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Can I become registered if I live outside of the UK?

Professional registration through the Science Council is open to scientific professionals anywhere, as long as they are members of a professional body or learned society that has a licence from the Science Council.

Prior to Brexit, the Science Council registers were accepted for the purposes of the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC, as amended by 2013/55/EU) as a regulated profession with the Science Council appointed as the Competent Authority. Under the directive an individual fully qualified to practice a regulated profession in one member state should be treated, in principle, as qualified to practice that same profession in another Member State. Following Brexit this no longer applies to the UK.

However, professional registration, particularly chartership, is recognised as a standard of excellence around the world. The Science Council registers are open to professionals working in any country, providing parity between professionals in different countries as well as between the different scientific professions. If you are a registrant and you move to a different country, your registration will continue to be valid as long as you renew each year and maintain your CPD record.

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Below is some further information about the role of your supporter.

Who should my supporter be?

Your application needs to be supported by a someone who can attest to the information you have provided - the sort of person you would ask for a professional reference should you need one. They should be familiar with your work.

This will most likely be your line manager, however a senior colleague or client who knows the quality of your work may also be appropriate.

Your supporter should have enough scientific knowledge and expertise to be justified in supporting your application. If possible your supporter should be a member of a relevant professional body and hold either Registered or Chartered status with the Science Council, this may help you as they will understand what professional standards are required.

Whoever you choose, you must get their permission before providing us with their contact details. If other people in your team are also applying for professional registration, your supporter may be supporting their applications as well. This is fine, but you may need to be sensitive to how busy they are.

Information for your supporter

Please pass the link to the supporters page on to your supporter once you have agreed with them that they will support your application for registration.

Your supporter will be asked to log in to the application system to make their comments on your application.  You will be automatically notified when they have competed their input.  Supporters are busy people and may need reminding to complete their part.

If they have any questions or concerns not answered on the page please ask them to call our helpline on 020 3434 2020 or email us.