Privacy Policy

We are currently updating our Privacy and Data Protection Policies in line with the changes in GDPR.

The Science Council looks after the information it holds about you. We hold your information in secure systems. Our staff and volunteers (including Assessors) have training in data protection and are bound by Science Council policies. We take appropriate security precautions to prevent your information being lost or falling into the wrong hands.

Science Council respects your privacy.  The data you give us is only shared with good reason. Your data will routinely be shared as follows:

  • Your chosen Licensed Professional Body will receive any information we hold regarding you, and policies are in place as part of the licensing procedure to hold them to equivalent data protection standards.
  • Assessors will be given access to any information necessary to assess your application for registration.
  • Employers or potential employers, on request, will receive information regarding your registration status.
  • Once registered, your name, registration award, registration status, Registrant ID, Professional Membership Body and other information that will enable you to be correctly identified will be placed on the public register. Exceptions may be made on application to Science Council.

We do not share your data with anyone else without your permission, except when we believe it is the only way to prevent harm to you or other people. If we do disclose information without your permission, this is authorised by a senior member of staff, and we will explain our reason to you at the earliest opportunity.

We make sure that the information we hold is as accurate as possible. We may contact you periodically to ensure the data we hold is complete, accurate and up to date. We encourage you to update us of any changes via our online form or by calling us.

We do not hold more information than we need to process your registration and support you in your career. In addition we may also ask you for information to inform our policy work, such as reporting on the nature of the science workforce.

We do not hold your data longer than we need to. For applicants and Registrants this is a lifetime record, which extends to a minimum 5 years post-mortem.  All other contact records are annually reviewed and are normally removed, archived or anonymised after 5 years of inactivity.

Science Council will support you as a professional to keep you informed of changes that affect registration and any other developments in science relevant to registration.

From time to time we may contact you about other Science Council products and services. We will make it clear and easy for you to opt out of this at any time.