Public benefit

The charitable object of the Science Council is to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and education in science for public benefit.

Female scientist examines X-ray results

The Science Council provides public benefit by seeking to:

  • Contribute to public confidence in the competence and conduct of those that carry out science on their behalf.
  • Ensure that the collective work of the scientific workforce is carried out for the benefit of society.
  • Ensure that the scientific workforce has due regard for the safety and prosperity of society today and for future generations.

To deliver this the Science Council seeks to:

  • Advance professionalism in science through the professional registration of scientists and technicians that meet a high professional standard and competence, and follow an established code of conduct.
  • Set standards for continuing professional development, and professional conduct and performance, so that the scientists and technicians are empowered to conduct high-quality, ethical scientific work consistently throughout their careers.
  • Have formal, clear and transparent processes to investigate scientists and technicians on its registers that fall short of the standards and conduct expected of them.
  • Support professional bodies and science employers to enhance the competence, skills and knowledge of scientists and technicians, so that they meet the needs and expectations of science and of science-using communities.
  • Work with professional bodies, governments, science employers and national academies to achieve a science workforce that reflects the diversity of society.
  • Represents user-communities’ views towards science so that the science profession has due regards for the purpose, direction and ethics the public wish scientists to adopt on their behalf.