Fees and costing

For applicants and registrants:

The cost of Professional Registration is determined by:

Costs when using the Science Council’s online system (CAP):

When you first apply, there is a £20 application fee payable at the beginning of the process to cover the costs of the support we provide to you. In addition to this, there is also your registration fee (which differs between registers).

2023 Registration fees:

  • CSci/CSciTeach           £48.90 per annum
  • RSci                              £21.80 per annum
  • RSciTech                      £16.40 per annum

If you are not currently a member of one of our Licensed Bodies, you will also need to pay a membership fee.  There is a standard membership fee for RSci and RSiTech of £60.  For CSci, this cost will vary between registers and Licensed Bodies, so please check with your chosen Licensed Body

Each year after this, you will need to pay your registration fee and membership fee.