Annual General Meeting

The Science Council’s Annual General Meeting is a formal meeting of Member Bodies, providing them with an opportunity to hear from the Board on the work of the charity, progress on the strategy and plans for the future.

The business of the Annual General Meeting includes Members’ receipt and consideration of the annual report and accounts of the Council, the appointment and determination of the remuneration of the auditors, announcement of new Board members, and any other business relating to the charity. When applicable, the business of the AGM will include the election of the President and the Elected Trustees.

AGM 2022

Our AGM was held online on Wednesday 6th July to transact the following business:

  1. To receive and consider the Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2021;
  2. To approve the reappointment of the Auditors for financial year of 2022;
  3. To authorise the Board of Trustees to agree the remuneration of the Auditors.

All 3 Resolutions above were approved unanimously.

Members also received a report from the Chief Executive, Helen Gordon on 2021 achievements and performance, activity in 2022 and our plans for the rest of the year and beyond.

The results of the 2022 trustee elections were also announced.

Candidate                    Number of Votes
Jade Hall                                     10
Ruth Kaufman                            8
Daljeet Kaur Sandher                8
David Wells                                 8
Karen Brazier                              6
Hong Wai Onn                            5
Stacey Wheeler                           5
Dorota Ferguson                        4
Lee Murphy                                 4
Arthur Nicholas                          4
Joan Ward                                   2
Derek Scott                                  0
M. K. Singh                                  0

The turnout was 44.4%.

Dr Jade Hall from the Royal Society of Biology, David Wells and Daljeet Sandher from the Institute of Biomedical Science were elected and that Ruth Kaufman was re-elected to the Board this year.

Notice of Annual General Meeting: 12 July 2023

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Science Council will be held online on Wednesday 12th July  at 11.00am.

All Member Bodies of the Science Council are entitled to attend and participate in the business of the Annual Meeting. Other individuals may attend as observers but are not entitled to vote. Proxy Votes will be accepted.

Formal business of the Annual General Meeting will include:

  • To receive and consider the Annual Report and Financial Statement for the year ending 31st December 2022.
  • To approve the appointment of Kreston Reeves Chartered Accountants as auditors for the period to 31st December 2023
  • To authorise the Board of Trustees to agree the remuneration of the Auditors

Members will also receive the results of the 2022 Trustee Election.

Register here to attend.

Other upcoming General Meetings

As per our Bylaws, in addition to the Annual General Meeting, the Board convenes at least one additional General Meeting per year. To provide Members with further opportunity to come together the Board will usually look to convene at least two General Meetings per year.

Check out our events page for more.