Member event @ IFST: Managing Food Waste Webinar

Don't miss! @ifstnews have the next webinar coming up in their Food Waste Webinar Series. Find out more info about Managing Waste at the Consumer Interface on 4th February 11-12pm here:    

Member event @IFST: Food Fraud Prevention

The @ifstnews are hosting a highly topical webinar that will bring listeners up to speed on how to mitigate 'Food Fraud Prevention'. Register for this informative webinar, taking place on 25th March 3-4pm, here:

Licence reviewer refresher training (for existing reviewers)

Licence reviewer refresher training 10th November 11:00-13:00 Join us to receive refresher training for upcoming licence reviews! Find out more here. Please note: this is for existing licence reviewers. If you are interested in becoming a licence reviewer on behalf of their professional body, please get in touch Mary Murray here.