I am a nominated supporter what do I do?

Why applicants for registration need a supporter

After a candidate completes their application, it’s important that someone look it over and let us know, independently, that the way the individual has represented themselves is accurate. That is where supporters come in.


Why you have been chosen

Applicants nominate their own supporters – this will be one person for RSci, RSciTech and CSci. They have picked you because, in their opinion, you are well-placed to know about their work and their background. You aren’t expected to know the applicant’s entire work history, but you should be someone who can verify, particularly for their more recent work, that they work in the field they say they do, and that their achievements are genuine.


How you access the system to make your comments

When an application is ready for the supporter statements, you will receive an automated email from our application system . Sometimes the emails may go into spam or trash, so if you know you’ve been nominated then do keep an eye on these folders. Your email will contain a link to our system,  if you are nominated by others, this will be the account you will log in with.


What sort of information is needed

The competence report that applicants complete is split into 5 sections: Application of Knowledge and Understanding, Personal Responsibility, Interpersonal Skills, Professional Practice and Professionalism. Your supporter statement will mirror this structure, with you being asked to provide a brief paragraph relating to each section. Ideally, you will provide a brief commentary on the content, with an opinion on whether or not you think the applicant has met the standard as written. Something like:

“Sarah lead the project to completion as she states, with a successful outcome that pleased the client. Sarah was able to motivate and inspire the team, and I hope to have her leading on projects in the future. In my experience, Sarah more than meets the competence for this standard.”

…and if you feel they’ve undersold themselves, tell us!


How we use the information

The information you provide will be passed to our assessors, and will form part of how they come to their decision. For the most part, a review only forms part of the overall picture, so you do not need to put pressure on yourself to make it perfect. Just be truthful, and complimentary where it is deserved! Your review will not be shared with the applicant, nor will they be able to access it as part of their application. The applicant will be automatically notified when you have completed your input.

What we do with your own data

Our online portal is secure. We will only ever email you about supporting applicants who have nominated you. Your data will never be passed on to any 3rd parties.


What to do if you don’t feel you can support the application

If you don’t feel comfortable supporting the application, then let us know. If you do decline to provide a statement, we will need to approach the applicant for another supporter, so we would suggest you try talking it through with them first. If you are the applicant’s line manager and you know of ways the application can be improved (say, an occasion the individual went and above and beyond, which they haven’t mentioned) then we can give you the opportunity to suggest improvements, before it goes for assessment.

What to do if you cannot access or use the system

We hope our system is intuitive to use, but if you are having issues, let us know as soon as possible. We have various ways in which we can support you to complete your review.


How else you can support the work of the Science Council

You might like to become registered if you are not already.

If you are already a Chartered or Registered Scientist then you might like to volunteer with us as an Assessor or Registrant Champion.