Registered Science Technician (RSciTech)

Water scientist working in a lab

Registered Science Technicians work with minimal supervision in technical roles, delivering essential scientific services and support within laboratories, schools and universities, hospitals and in many other workplaces.

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How do I become a Registered Science Technician?

Applicants need to demonstrate their competence across five areas by providing examples from your working life, usually within the last five years, that illustrates how you have met each standard. This is then assessed either online or in a face to face interview.

An applicant for Registered Science Technician will need to explain how they meet the competences below. Guidance is available, click here to find support and useful information for your application, or contact us here.

“Being awarded RSciTech status has given me formal recognition of the knowledge and experience I have gained in my technical role and recognises me as a professional in my field.”

Ruth Picknett-Powell, RSciTech