What is different about registered scientists?

The Science Council’s registration framework sets out what it means to be a registered professional scientist at each stage in a person’s career. Registered professional scientists are expected to be:


Registration captures what your staff have achieved and where they are going, helping to keep them motivated. And your investment in their career through professional registration will make them feel valued.


Registration holds Registrants to high professional and ethical standards through the Rules of Conduct for Registrants and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards, to which they have committed.


Registration shows that someone is able to apply their broad knowledge and skills in a range of settings, not only performing techniques, but understanding how, why and when they should be used.


Registration and Professional Body membership provide your staff with a rich network of professional scientists in related disciplines and sectors, beyond the workplace.


There are five areas in which every professional scientist needs to prove their competence:

  1. Application of scientific knowledge and understanding
  2. Personal responsibility
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Professional practice
  5. Professional standards

No matter what route they have taken in their career. Registration celebrates both academic and vocational pathways and sets a common benchmark enabling you to recruit from the widest possible talent pool.