Scientists and Science Technicians

Every scientist and science technician has a responsibility to themselves, and to society, to work with integrity, keep their skills and knowledge up to date and consider how their science affects the world around them.

Our registers provide you with independent recognition of your achieving and maintaining the exacting standards required to join the global community of professional scientists. Only people on the Science Council’s registers can say they are registered professional scientists and use the postnominals.

Scientists and Science Technicians

Benefits of professional registration

Public recognition for your knowledge and experience

Registration recognises your knowledge and on-the-job experience alongside your qualifications. It signifies your being bound by a code of conduct and makes public your commitment to keeping up-to-date. In a few letters after your name, the level of competence you have as a practicing scientist or science technician is expressed to your employer, potential employer and the wider public.

Find out which registration award is right for you.

Development of skills and confidence

Applying for professional registration supports and encourages you to reflect on what you have achieved in your career so far. It helps highlight gaps as well as areas of strength and makes planning your future learning and development more focused. This is a process that will build your skills and confidence as a practising scientist.

Improve your chances of promotion

Registration is a mark of quality and commitment to your career, sought after by employers. It is a demonstration of having reached an independently assessed level of competence. Registration commits you to standards of integrity that employers value.

Maintaining your registration requires continuing professional development that will keep your skills up to date and help you stand out from the crowd.

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Completing your competence report helps you think about your achievements which is very good preparation for interview. The Professional Body you join will also offer support with your career.

Demonstration of fitness for leadership

Being professionally registered is a mark of excellence. Leaders take their own development seriously. Leaders understand the need not just for excellence in their science but also in the other skills that make an effective scientist.

The Science Council’s registers reflect stages in your science career, from establishing your professionalism with your technical knowledge and skill to meeting the standards of chartership.

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Application FAQs

Our How to Apply page can help with any questions you have on how to apply for registration.