Working Towards becoming a Registered Scientist

Scientists looking at the Working Towards RSci handbook

Please note: The Working Towards RSci handbooks are now digital PDF only, please download it here.

If you’re a science undergraduate that is on a year in industry, an apprentice, or a graduate starting your scientific career, the Working Towards RSci handbook can help you connect your experience in the workplace to what’s expected of a registered scientist.

Applicants for RSci are expected to provide evidence of their competences: skills gained through experience alongside learning. Because it takes more than a qualification to become a registered professional scientist, Working Towards RSci handbook has been designed to support you.

How will Working Towards RSci help me?

The Working Towards RSci handbook details the standards and competences expected of a full Registered Scientist to provide a framework for you to build and develop your workplace skills. It gives you the tools to identify where to improve and grow your experience.

By filling out the handbook, you will build a body of evidence to use in future applications and job interviews. In a competitive environment, where lots of people have degrees and masters, you will be able to stand out from the crowd. As you detail your learning and experiences, the workbook will provide potential employers with evidence of your competence and skill to do the job they’re hiring for.

You can download the booklet here, and edit it via PDF software. Simply edit and add notes as you continue your journey in your scientific career.

“Having something on your CV that stands out from other applicants, in addition to academic qualifications, is always an advantage and something I will continue to update in the future,”

Suzanne Davies RSci, who completed a placement year at PepsiCo and is now employed by the company

The Working Towards RSci handbook will help set you on the path to applying for full Registered Scientist status. It may take a few months, it may take longer, depending on the level of experience you’re able to gain over time, and the Science Council team is here to help you every step of the way.