Apply for membership

A professional body is an organisation with individual members practicing a profession or occupation in which the organisation maintains an oversight of the knowledge, skills, conduct and practice of that profession or occupation.

There are four stages to becoming a member of the Science Council:

  1. Read through the Membership Criteria below to confirm that your organisation is eligible
  2. Provide relevant supporting documentation for your application.
    • a declaration that the membership criteria is fulfilled,
    • copies of your organisation’s governing documents, such as, Charter, Articles or Memorandum of Associations/Regulations
    • supporting documentation to evidence how your organisation fulfils the criteria
    • a copy of your most recent annual accounts
    • a signed letter from your governing body confirming a formal application for membership and agreement to be bound by Charter, Bylaws and Regulations, as well as a commitment to sign the Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
    • contact details of a nominated representative for formal communications during the application process
    • latest membership numbers
    • information on your different membership categories
    • any other relevant information e.g. public strategy documents, policy interests
  3. The Science Council Board will then discuss your application at the next Board meeting (applications will need to be submitted at least 4 weeks before the meeting). If approved by the Board, your application is formally submitted for ratification at the next meeting of the full Council.
  4. If approved by the Council of Members you are officially welcomed to the Council.

Science Council Membership Criteria

  • the profession represented by your organisation shall be based on a recognised body of scientific learning where knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world are pursued through a systematic methodology based on evidence;
  • your organisation is an independent body which exists for the collective pursuit of professional aims and objectives in science as set out in a Royal Charter or Memorandum and Articles of Association incorporated under the Companies Acts or formally registered in the UK some other way;
  • your organisation has, among its objectives, the practice of the profession in the interest of the public as well as that of your members;
  • your organisation operates a Code of Professional Conduct and disciplinary procedures;
  • your organisation recognises its responsibility to advance and extend the body of learning on which the profession is based;
  • your organisation recognises its responsibility to concern itself with facilities, methods and provision for educating and training future entrants to the profession and for enhancing the knowledge and competence of present practitioners; and
  • your organisation must have at least one membership category that is based on standards of competence as attested by an appropriate qualification and relevant professional practice, or relevant professional practice;
  • or if your organisation does not have strict entry standards for at least one category of your members, it has agreed with the Science Council Board that it is working towards the introduction of such an entry standard;
  • your organisation has evidenced a commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion throughout its community, and to challenging prejudice and discrimination, by signing the Science Council’s Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.

If you are interested in applying or would like to know more, get in touch.