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Science Council Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall leadership of the Science Council, and in partnership with the charity’s constituent Members setting its values, standards, aims and objectives and delivering them in line with the objects of the Royal Charter. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Science Council functions within the legal, regulatory and financial requirements of a registered charity.

The Board consists of a Chair (who is a trustee), between 8 and 12 Elected Trustees and up to 3 Appointed Trustees. The Board can also co-opt members to fill up to two elected trustee vacancies that may arise between General Meetings. Elected Trustees are elected by Member Bodies to serve in this capacity as individuals and not as representatives of organisations, interest groups or sectors. Elected Trustees serve a three-year term with the option of re-election for a further three years. Find out more about joining the Board.

Download the Schedule of matters reserved to the Board.

Download the trustee role description.


The Science Council Board of Trustees delegates various functions to its three sub-committees:

Registration Authority

The Registration Authority advises the Science Council Board on matters relating to the four professional registers and is responsible for upholding the registration standards. Members of the Registration Authority are employees or volunteers from Licensed Bodies who have expertise in registration and licensing standards and practice. All members are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Registration Authority attends Board meetings in their capacity as Chair of the Committee.

  • Dr Hilary Jeffreys CSci (Chair of the Registration Authority)
  • Paul Ashford CSci
  • Pete Barratt CSci
  • Vicky Collett CSci
  • Cliff Collis CSci
  • Sophie Dunajko
  • Katy Grundy
  • Tahmina Hussain CSci
  • Brenda Peters CSci
  • Jocelyn Price CSci
  • Leisha Watson
  • Matt Wood RSci

Observers from the Engineering Council and Society for the Environment are invited to attend Registration Authority meetings.

Download the Registration Authority’s Terms of Reference.

Read the Chair role description.

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

The Finance, Audit & Risk (FAR) Committee helps the Science Council Board meet its responsibilities with regard to financial systems and controls including regulatory and statutory compliance and risk management. The Committee is composed of trustees, who may be independent members, and non-trustee independent members. Non-trustee independent members are appointed by the Board and have recent, relevant financial and/or accounting expertise. The Chair of the FAR Committee is an independent member and attends Board meetings in their capacity as Chair of the Committee.

  • Dr Chris Westcott (Independent Chair)
  • Ian Bong (Independent member)
  • Niels Pederson (Trustee and Honorary Treasurer)
  • Paula Haynes (Independent member)
  • Ruth Kaufman (Trustee)

Download the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Read the Chair role description.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee provides, develops and maintains formal, rigorous and transparent procedures for Board and other key appointments. All Committee members are trustees of the Board.

  • David Wells (Chair)
  • Catherine Ross
  • Matthew Davies
  • Daljeet Sandher

Download the Nominations Committee’s Terms of Reference.

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