Benefits of registration to my staff and organisation

Professional registration recognises standards of excellence in the practice of science, across departments and across disciplines. It commits your employees to continuing professional development (CPD) and proves that you, as an employer, are investing in the talent of your workforce.

Assurance of quality

Professional registration requires your team to prove their experience and competence across several areas, including application of scientific knowledge, understanding and principles. Getting your employees professionally registered assures you of a high performing workforce.

It also assures your customers and clients that your organisation is committed to a high quality application of science.

Motivated staff

By investing in their training and development, your staff feel valued and able to grow in their roles. Encouraging individuals to apply for professional status recognises the skills they bring to your organisation and rewards them for a job well done.

Continuing Professional Development

Our Registrants are committed to their continuing professional development (CPD), which is a requirement to remain professionally registered. Supporting professional registration among your employees fosters this commitment to keeping skills sharp and knowledge up to date, which is particularly important for the application of science.

Whether you’re growing your training provision or already have an established training and development programme, employees that are professionally registered will be at the vanguard of promoting a culture that values professional development.

Ethical standards

Professional Registrants commit to a code of conduct, which includes pledges to have regard at all times for the public interest, ensure their professional activities do not put the health and safety of others at risk, and to never engage in corrupt practice.

Inspiring your employees to become professionally registered sends a message about your ethical standards and your commitment to corporate social responsibility.