Benefits of professional registration

Professional registration with the Science Council provides independent recognition of your skills, meeting the standards required to join the global community of professional scientists.


Registration recognises your knowledge and experience in addition any other qualifications you may have.  Professional registration captures on-the-job experience and shows the level of competence you have as a practising scientist. It also demonstrates your commitment to integrity, regard for public interest and responsibility for others.

“Being a registered professional with the Science Council has provided me with a lot more confidence in my abilities and knowledge.” Hayley Pincott, RSciTech

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Reflect and shine

Applying for professional registration supports and encourages you to reflect on what you have achieved in your career so far. Chartership and registration recognises what you do every day – it’s a process that will build your confidence as a practising scientist.

“Professional registration for me is a journey, a constant reminder of enhancing my experiences to maintain professional development throughout the year.” Eesha Vyas CSci, Glaxo Smith Kline

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Demonstrate your ethical credentials

By becoming registered, professional scientists agree to be bound by the Science Council’s Model Rules of Conduct for Registrants as well as the code of professional conduct of your Licensed Professional Membership Body. Registration tells others that you are committed to working to high ethical standards and gives them trust and confidence in you as a professional scientist.

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Be the one that stands out

Registration is a mark of quality and competence that is sought after by employers. It commits you to standards of integrity and professional development that help you stand out from the crowd.

“The application process involves a lot of self-reflection. It made me realise how much I have achieved and personally developed as I have progressed through different roles. It has boosted my confidence in my abilities, which has led me to apply for new career opportunities.” Laura Grout, RSci, Wellcome Sanger Institute

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Become a leader within your field

Being professionally registered is a mark of excellence. Each of the Science Council’s registers reflects stages in your career as a scientist, encouraging you to work towards high standards of professionalism, skills and knowledge.

“I can proudly say that the Chartered Scientist status gave great public recognition and instilled high levels of confidence in me.” Dr Shashi Rudrangi, Chartered Scientist

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Join a worldwide community of cross-disciplinary scientists

Science Council registered scientists are spread across many different countries, but they all share a commitment to professional excellence. When you become registered, you also join this community of other registered professional scientists.

Science Council registrants have the opportunity to volunteer for us as committee members, registrant champions and more – join the Science Council at events, workshops and share your voice and expertise.

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