Apprenticeship Learning Guide: Laboratory Technician

This learning guide has been developed by employers, training providers and professional bodies to support the delivery of the laboratory technician apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship programme that contains the knowledge as outlined in the below documents will provide apprentices with a knowledge rich learning experience that should be part of any high-quality apprenticeship programme.  The guide has been constructed to provide apprentices with an appropriate depth and breadth of knowledge that will enhance apprentices’ career prospects upon completion of the apprenticeship.

The Science Council, Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Biology have been closely involved with the development of this guide to ensure appropriate subject knowledge content is included and linkage to Registered Science Technician (RSciTech).

RSciTech is a professional award for individuals who are able to demonstrate a high level of competency in the workplace and, importantly, are committed to ongoing development.  To be awarded RSciTech individuals must possess a level 3 qualification or equivalent and so by following this learning guide apprentices can meet the equivalency requirement should their apprenticeship not contain a qualification.

Learning guides     

The following documents are broken down into core and pathways.  The core is applicable to all apprentices undertaking this apprenticeship, whilst the pathways are optional, and based upon the subsector the apprentice is operating within.  The intention is for training providers, employers and apprentices to follow the core and opt for one pathway.

The core and pathway documents are similar in their format.  They contain subject headings that are then broken down into supporting content.  Each subject heading and accompanying content is linked to the apprenticeship standard and hence the K (knowledge) ,S (Skill)  and B (Behaviour) lists within the guide correspond to the knowledge, skills and behaviours statements as outlined in the apprenticeship standard.  The guide also provides an indication of the learning hours expected for coverage of each subject area, to act as an indication to training providers and employers to help with curriculum planning.


The following document provides knowledge content that is appropriate for all apprentices undertaking the laboratory technician apprenticeship.


The following documents provide knowledge content appropriate to each pathways that is commonly used as part of this apprenticeship.