Apply for Professional Registration as an apprentice

More information about this route is available on our Technical Education site.

Shortened Applications for Professional Registration

In 2020, the Science Council and its’ members began a process for assessing how apprenticeships map to the professional registers of Registered Scientist (RSci) and Registered Science Technician (RSciTech). 

One of the key motivations for mapping apprenticeships is for creating shortened application routes for those apprenticeships that have been judged as well aligned, recognising the strong foundation of learning and extensive professional experience secured as a direct result of the mandated aspects of the apprenticeship.

The assessment identifies whether an apprenticeship maps to 3 levels:

  • Full alignment
  • Majority alignment
  • Low level alignment*

*Note – for apprenticeships assessed as low-level alignment there is the requirement to complete a full application.

Apprentices can apply via this route with the following professional bodies:

Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Biology, Operational Research Society, Institute of Science and Technology, Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Institute of Food Science and Technology, Institute of Biomedical Science, Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology, Association for Simulation Practice in Healthcare, Institute of Physics, The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs, and Institute of Water (direct only).