Financial assistance

Person inserting a coin into a piggy bank - demonstrating financial assistance
There is financial assistance available to support students who are continuing their education after they are 16. It is a matter of what they do next.

Students will have to pay for their tuition fees for their course and for their living expenses, including rent, food, books, transport and entertainment. Research should be done on what is available in terms of financial support. They will need to find out what they are entitled to and whether or not you they have to pay it back. Generally, they will not have to pay back grants and bursaries, but they will have to pay back loans. Make sure they are very clear about what financial assistance they are applying for so that they know what they will owe when they finish.

Student loans
A microsite has been launched which describes how the tuition loan system will operate, how to get a student loan, help with living costs and what support is available from government. View the Student Finance site here.

Visit Future Morph for more information about financial support for science degrees.