Yuba Gautam RSciTech, Operations Technician

Registration level: RSciTech

Job title: Operations Technician

Professional Body: Institute of Science and Technology

"It is never too late to start to achieve or learn something you have always wanted. Starting an apprenticeship fitted perfectly between earning and learning."

Yuba Gautam RSciTech is an Operations Technician at the University of Reading, and recently completed an apprenticeship in engineering.

Why did you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?

It was a good opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge working full time as an apprentice. I always wanted to learn new skills and get a professional qualification. I found out applying for an apprenticeship was the best route to move forward. It was a part of job requirement as well.

How did your apprenticeship impact your career path?

There has been a positive impact in my career path. I was able to acquire the skills and knowledge required to perform my task at work in a better and efficient way. I felt more valuable to the team and thus helped towards my upgrade into senior position. It helped me gain confidence at work at the same time and look to the future with confidence.

What skills or experiences did you value most from working as an apprentice?

Whilst being an Engineering apprentice, the course syllabus ensured that I would learn various techniques using new technology applicable to modern engineering, learning outcomes in   manufacturing such as CAD/CAM, CNC and Laser cutting were excellent skills for my CPD and experiences. The subject I valued the most working as an apprentice was electromechanical design, assembly, and manufacturing, I also had better understanding of health and safety aspects whilst working in an engineering environment which was beneficial in the workplace.

What would you say to young scientists who are currently in, or thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

I would highly recommend it to anybody who has missed being at College or University due to various circumstances, It is never too late to start to achieve or learn something you have always wanted. Starting an apprenticeship fitted perfectly between earning and learning. More than that it gives the academic and professional recognition which is important to achieve higher goals. The knowledge that my work colleagues were able to share was an important part of my development guiding me through the course to keep me on the right track for success, resulting in gaining a double distinction, without their vast knowledge and guidance my achievements would have been more difficult to attain.

How has Professional Registration with the Science Council made an impact on your work or career?

Professional registration with the Science Council has made an immense positive impact on my work career. I had to study and work making myself more experienced and knowledgeable to be eligible to apply for one. And I was able to develop myself to meet the target. Once registered, I was recognised as a Registered Science Technician, and a more valued and professional worker was added to the department.

What do you value most from being a member of your professional body?

I felt like I got the recognition for the skills, qualification, and knowledge I had. It helped me built up the confidence to be more efficient and be a valuable member for the department. Maintaining CPD (Continuing Professional Development) was another important aspect I would value as I continuously had to upgrade my skills either by training, volunteering, participation, mentoring or education.