Male apprentice technician taking swab samples

Apprenticeships are a combination of employment, on-the-job training and formal education and are a valuable route into a career in science.

If you are interested in becoming an apprentice you can find more information about apprenticeships in England and Scotland on our Future Morph website.

Science Council and apprenticeships

We are passionate about apprenticeships and the benefits they bring individuals, employers, society and the economy. In collaboration with our member organisations, we act as voice for championing apprenticeships in science and influencing apprenticeship policy.

We are an active member of the Life Science and Industrial Science Trailblazer group which, under the government’s employer-led apprenticeship reform programme, has designed four new apprenticeship standards and accompanying assessment plans:

  • Laboratory Technician (leads to RSciTech)
  • Laboratory Scientist (leads to RSci)
  • Science Manufacturing Technician (leads to RSciTech/EngTech)
  • Science Maintenance Technician

Knowing the importance and value of professional registration, the government has mandated that new apprenticeship standards must lead to professional registration where it exists. As a result we have been paramount in ensuring the new standards lead to registration as indicated above.

Please contact us if:

  • You would like to support our work in championing/developing apprenticeships in science;
  • You would like to help us respond to an active apprenticeship-related consultation;
  • You are an employer seeking recognition for your apprenticeship programme; or
  • You are an employer wanting to support your apprentices to become professionally registered, giving them recognition for the skills they have gained.