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Using data to establish a baseline and track progress

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion workshop: 8th December 2014

This workshop was arranged for diversity champions and staff leads seeking to increase their understanding of data collection and use in a diversity context, for identifying priorities and tracking progress

Event chair: Caroline Waters OBE – Deputy Chair, Equality & Human Rights Commission

Introduction to Benchmarking & Monitoring (Plenary)

An overview of the case for benchmarking and monitoring, and how to use data to prioritise action, identify barriers and demonstrate progress.


  • Sandra Kerr OBE – National Director, Race for Opportunity BITC (Business in the Community)
  • Peter Hall – Member Engagement Manager, enei (Employer’s Network for Equality & Inclusion) – Download presentation (PDF)
  • Sandie Maile – Equality & Research Officer, Prospect – Download presentation (PDF)

Practical Aspects of Benchmarking & Monitoring (for staff leads)

Data collection from a membership perspective and database management, case studies of organisations who have successfully implemented monitoring. What benchmarking data is available and how might it be used.


Inclusive Leadership (for Diversity Champions)

How to ensure your leadership is inclusive.


How might the Science Council support benchmarking? (Plenary)

An overview of benchmarking data available through the Science Council and discussion of further benchmarking opportunities.