Ciara Wild RSci, Criminal Justice Mental Health Practitioner

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Ciara Wild

Registration level: Registered Scientist (RSci)
Job title:
Criminal Justice Mental Health Practitioner
Professional body:
British Psychological Society
Scientist type:
 Regulator, Developer

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"Registration demonstrates that one is committed to adhering to the values and code of conduct of the Science Council which imparts confidence in patients and professionals."

Recognition of psychologists amongst other scientific professions

I decided to apply for professional registration as I felt that there was an opportunity to have the work psychologists conduct in the mental health field to have some recognition amongst other scientific professions. I felt that registration would provide me and other psychologists and psychology trainees the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with other science professionals on an equal footing where we can debate good practice and continue to encourage the application of research, theory and learning to our practice with patients.

Demonstrating expertise

Professional registration provides recognition that one has the expertise to practice in a particular field and to support the work of others. Additionally, registration demonstrates that one is committed to adhering to the values and code of conduct of the Science Council which imparts confidence in patients and professionals; that one’s work is current, based on sound training, continued development and guided by best practice.

This is the value I receive from being registered – the ability to be recognised and to impart confidence to others in my work. Registration enables me to demonstrate the value of our work in practice and the high standards we aim to achieve.

For any psychologists thinking about professional registration…

I would certainly encourage others to apply for registration from a variety of fields. The process of registration allows one to reflect on the skills, knowledge and training that one applies every day and acknowledges the hard work one does. It is a good expression of achievement and to have one’s work recognised.


Become professionally registered

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