Equivalency report – Further guidance

This page provides guidance for applicants submitting a RSci Equivalency report and assessors assessing a RSci Equivalency report.

The Equivalency report provides a way for applicant that do not hold at least a Level 5 qualification to show that they have the technical knowledge and skills to work at that level.

RSci Level

RSci is for individuals working with minimal direction in technical roles while having a level of supervisory or management responsibility.

In addition to having sound technical knowledge, they are expected to undertake more complex or non-routine tasks, understand how to work with others effectively and give guidance and support to others.

The Equivalency report is expected to give specific examples showing the applicants theoretical understanding of the technical knowledge and skill required at this level, and how they have been applied to improve technical processes and/or solve technical problems.

Science Council Equivalency Descriptors

Many of the expected competences are covered in the RSci descriptors. The additional technical competences required for a RSci Equivalency report are given below.

The evidence examples given are not prescriptive and the assessor may consider other evidence which they feel meets a criterion.

Knowledge Criteria

Example Evidence

Demonstrate how you have practical, theoretical, or technological knowledge and understanding of a subject or field of work to find ways forward in broadly defined, complex contexts.

A description of a scientific technique or process the applicant has improved or adapted in their work.
A description of a management process or technique the applicant has used to improve organisational efficiency.

Demonstrate how you are aware of the nature and scope of the area of study or work within your organisation.

A description the applicant’s work area, its objectives, and how it relates to the overall objectives of the wider organisation.

Understands different perspectives, approaches or schools of thought and the reasoning behind them.

A description of at two different technical perspectives, approaches or schools of thought that apply to the applicant’s area of work, and why the one they work with was chosen.


Skills Criteria

Example Evidence

Demonstrate how you determine, adapt, and use appropriate methods, cognitive and practical skills to address broadly defined, complex problems.

A detailed example of the applicant troubleshooting or improving a scientific process.

Demonstrate how you use relevant research or development to inform actions

A detailed example of how they have used research and analytical techniques to help them make a decision.