Employers of Scientists in Healthcare

Male and female technician working in a lab.

Support from the Science Council

The Science Council can help you to support your scientific staff to become professionally registered as a Registered Science Technician, Registered Scientist or Chartered Scientist. Working at a high level of competence and conduct through professional registration builds the morale of your employees and gives them the recognition they deserve.

Support from the Science Council includes working with you to communicate the registers to your staff and an on-going dedicated resource to support you as an employer who champions staff to develop their skills and get recognised.

The Science Council Employer Champion programme gives you access to on-going support in delivering excellence through your eligible staff by providing relevant marketing and communications tools, telephone support, workshops and resources.

Which other organisations are registering scientists?

We have a number of Employer Champions who have made the commitment to develop the talent of their staff through professional registration, including the Medical Research Council (MRC) and a number of employers in Higher Education and industry. Have a look at our Employer Champions.

What benefits does professional registration bring to employers and individuals?

To find out more about becoming an Employer Champion, we will come and talk to you to take you through the detail of what help is available and how to get started. Just leave us your contact details in the form below and we will be in touch.