Society of Natural Sciences (SNS)

The Society for Natural Sciences was formed in 2019 from an established network of universities to promote and support interdisciplinary education in science, particularly at undergraduate level, with the overall aim of increasing participation in science both for its cultural value and for its economic benefits.

The Society is an accrediting body for interdisciplinary science degrees, supports educational research and the wider dissemination of information on natural sciences and interdisciplinarity, and provides a forum for cross-institutional undergraduate activities and professional networking.

Become a member of the SNS

Become part of the community to share your love of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary science; meet others in the network with similar ambitions; contribute your story and passion for working at the interface between the disciplines. Being a member allows you to interact with others and develop your own profile as a Natural Scientist, search amongst other members for tool and technologies that may open up your opportunities for research, and ask questions of those who are studying or working in areas that interest you.

On joining the Society you will be:

  • contributing to the development of a new professional body for science graduates
  • helping to support interdisciplinary science education and to recruit students to science

Become a member of the Society for Natural Sciences here.