Workforce Skills Conference 2023 Report

Report launched for the Workforce Skills Conference

By 09.04.24

Today the Science Council has launched its report of its Workforce Skills Conference which took place at the Institute of Physics on the 19th of October 2023. The conference enabled the science, research and innovation community to come together and consider how effectively our current policies are working to meet the UK’s skills challenges, to consider what more can be done, and the role our community can play in strengthening policy in this area.

This event brought together the Science Council’s diverse membership of 35 professional bodies and learned societies, allowing for greater collaboration across our community, and better enabling us to speak with one voice to policymakers on issues of pan-scientific interest.

The conference report in now available to view online. This report captures the discussions held at the conference, providing valuable insights into the range of topics covered, and signposts the fantastic work taking place across our community.

Click here to view the Workforce Skills conference report.

Recordings of each session of the conference are also available and can be found on our YouTube channel. You can also view the playlist of the sessions below.

The Science Council is grateful to all its member organisations and other partners who contributed to the agenda of the conference and making it into a such a useful day. Further thanks are due to UKRI for their sponsorship of the event and the Institute of Physics for hosting the conference.