IChemE Launches new Sustainability Hub

One of our members the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has launched its new Sustainability Hub giving chemical engineers access to a suite of new on-demand training courses and knowledge resources.

The new hub aims to inspire and support the chemical engineering community to make a positive impact on global sustainability by addressing the challenges presented by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It comes as IChemE marks its centenary, with sustainability the theme for February to recognise the work chemical engineers are doing in this area. The hub has been made possible following a generous £200,000 donation from business leader and IChemE Fellow, Ian Shott, keen to support IChemE in equipping members and chemical engineers across all sectors in industry and academia with the knowledge and skills to build upon sustainable practices.

Resources on sustainability within the hub include peer-reviewed papers and publications by chemical engineers, articles in The Chemical Engineer, videos from the volunteer project team, and newly designed training courses to improve understanding and competency. It will also share stories of how chemical engineers are successfully supporting these SDGs, and sustainability more generally, for example through ethical decision-making.

The on-demand training courses are free to IChemE members throughout 2022. Non-members will also be able to access the courses as part of IChemE’s training portfolio.

“I’m thrilled that the Sustainability Hub is live and available to support members and the wider profession to embed sustainable practices and contribute significantly to the sustainable development goals. Ultimately, this is all about making society and the world a better place, and I’m confident that as this year progresses and more knowledge is shared, through a growing network, this hub will become an important aid for chemical engineers and will inspire new innovative solutions.”

Ian Shott, business leader and former IChemE President

Join a training course and engage with the suite of knowledge resources at www.icheme.org/sustainability-hub.