Diversity resources

The following diversity resources have been produced with input from member organisations’ representatives and external experts.

Guidance on diversity leadership and champions

It is widely accepted that strong leadership is necessary to create an inclusive culture that values diversity as such the Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion calls for the appointment of a board-level Champion. This guidance document suggests roles that the Champion might take on and discusses the leadership required at different levels within the organisation.

Starter steps and quick wins

Becoming a fully diverse and inclusive organisation is a long journey and there is no quick fix or ‘magic bullet’. However, every journey begins with the first step and there are many actions that are relatively simple to initiate, or where the practice of others can be copied.

With the help of our members the Science Council has generated a list of ideas to help professional bodies and learned societies get started on their diversity journey.

Key topic overviews

There are many existing good practice schemes for fostering diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) within an organisation that can be referred to when developing your own scheme of work. Many resources are available on the roadmap but for ease the Science Council developed a series of short activity summaries, drawing on current activity by both our members and external organisations, to facilitate effective action planning.

Affinity networks

Affinity networks provide a space for those with underrepresented characteristics and allies to discuss issues and build a network. Read the affinity networks document.

Mentoring schemes

Based on previous research and good practice schemes, this document sets out a series of questions to ask before establishing your own mentoring scheme and outlines the various forms of mentoring currently used. Read the mentoring schemes document.

Diversity policies

Publishing a diversity policy is a simple first step on the diversity journey. These examples will help provide a reference when developing or refining your own. Read the diversity policies document.

Establishing diversity working groups

A summary of the various uses for diversity working groups across member organisations and related STEM organisations. Read the diversity working groups document.

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets can be used to identify ways of overcoming issues within an organisation and to encourage participation by staff or members outside of the diversity team. Read the Action Learning Sets document.