Climate Literacy

The Royal Meteorological Society have been working with Ipsos MORI to conduct a climate literacy survey of last year’s school leavers. The findings of this will be released next week and RMetS have planned a virtual panel event to discuss the findings on Wednesday 21st September at 14:30pm.

The questions asked in the survey were developed by the Royal Meteorological Society, in conjunction with many of their members, including authors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, to ensure that they give a fair assessment of climate literacy. The questions will remain relevant in years to come as RMetS hope to repeat the survey annually to assess the impact of interventions on climate change education in schools.

The ongoing results of the survey will inform the work of the Royal Meteorological Society, supporting teachers of all subjects to make use of the opportunities within the current curricula and exam specifications to teach climate change.

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