Vision, Mission & Goal


That society continues to have confidence and trust in the science profession and that scientific work is being carried out in the interests of society.


To set the standards for those working in science and provide a quality assurance system for practising scientists and science technicians, across all scientific disciplines, by licensing competent Professional Bodies to uphold and champion professional standards in the delivery of public benefit, and growing the number of scientists with Science Council registration


To register all scientists and supporting our Member Bodies to uphold professional standards of conduct, competence and capability to ensure they work in line with our vision.


Standards and Quality Assurance

Set standards for scientists and put in place registration, CPD guidance, model codes of conduct and removal processes that assures the public of the quality and ethical standards of scientists on the registers. Through continuous improvements to licensing and registration standards, we aim to demonstrate that the professional registers are effective in raising the standard and conduct of individual scientists.

Attract and Engage

Working with our Member Bodies make professional registration attractive to those working in science; build and support the frameworks to ensure all educational and employment routes into science can lead to Science Council registration; and support Member Bodies to meet the needs of the science community.

Policy and Exchange

Working with our Member Bodies to articulate to government and other key stakeholders, the contribution of scientists to society , including the value of registration in maintaining public trust, and the importance of developing clear routes into science careers and towards registration.

Sustainability and Strength

Working with our Member Bodies, be and seen to be the organisation with the expertise, systems, authority, capacity and funding to lead the professional science community towards fulfilling our vision.


  • We will be Inclusive of all disciplines of science and all types of scientist and science technicians through our Member Bodies and Employer Champions
  • We will be Balanced in our support and promotion of Member Bodies and scientific disciplines, and in our communication of the impact of science
  • We will be Informed by evidence and research and by our Members and Registrants
  • At all times, we will be Positive about the contribution of scientists and technicians to society and about our Members, our Registrants and the science workforce as a whole
  • We will be Collaborative in our approach to debate and discussion and in our attitude to conversation in general