Public Benefit Declaration

The Board is mindful of its responsibility to ensure that the Science Council, as a charity, acts for the benefit of the public. The Public Benefit Declaration provides an overview of activities undertaken by the Science Council, under the three core strands of its strategy that aim to deliver on its charitable purposes for the public benefit.

Crowds of people walking - demonstrating Public Benefit Declaration

To achieve its purpose, the Science Council provides public benefit by advancing science and science education, and advancing equality and diversity in science, in the following ways:

Registers and Licences

  • Advancing professionalism in science by promoting high standards of professional competence, conduct and performance of scientists and science technicians, which requires registrants to demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development and abide by a Code of Conduct which includes the obligation to have regard for the public interest at all times.
  • Supporting science employers to enhance the competence, skills and knowledge of the science and science technician workforce, through the promulgation of the benefits of professional registration.

Community and Membership

  • Providing professional bodies with fora to share learning and good practice on issues affecting science and the science workforce.
  • Working in partnership with Members and other professional bodies, science employers, academic institutions and national academies to achieve a science workforce that reflects the diversity of society, and creates environments free from harassment and discrimination in which everyone feels included and valued.

Policy and Influence

  • Maximising the influence and collective capacity of Member Bodies to raise the value of science to society by facilitating discussion, development and coordination of messages on key policy issues that impact on society and the environment.
  • Championing the recognition of scientists and science technicians and the role they play in delivering societal benefit.