Professor John Amaechi OBE CSci, Psychologist

Name: Professor John Amaechi OBE

Job title: Psychologist

Professional Body: Institute of Science and Technology (IST)

Scientist type: Developer Scientist

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Social Media: @JohnAmaechi (Twitter), @johnamaechiobe (Instagram & Tik Tok), LinkedIn.

Why did you decide to apply for Chartered Scientist (CSci)?

I think being part of a cohort of science leaders is essential. For me, it codifies the ethical and pragmatic principles and responsibilities to which scientists should adhere and helps others to understand that your approach, methodology and practice will be of the highest standards.

How has Chartered Scientist status made an impact on your work or career?

I was and remain delighted to be a Chartered Scientist – it is a proud part of my professional biography, and it is remarked upon by clients who are looking to understand whom they should trust in a practice area like mine, that may be littered with practitioners who do not hold themselves to measurable standards.

What did you learn through completing the application process?

It was a rigorous process that helped me to align my experiences, qualifications and practices with the principles of Chartered status. It was an invaluable exercise to be able to catalogue my career through the application process and also see where I needed to develop further to achieve best-practice status.

I also had tremendous support from colleagues at the Science Council when I asked for it!

What do you value most from being a member of your professional body?

I don’t know how odd this will sound, but “security” comes to mind – I love the fact that I can be looked up in the directory and offer than security to clients and colleagues.

What would you say to any other scientist like yourself who is thinking about becoming a Chartered Scientist?

Do it! The process is edifying, challenging and Chartered status upon success is a mark to be proud of!