Jemma Walker RSci, PhD student and dental researcher

Portrait photo of Registered Scientist Jemma in a laboratory

Jemma Walker

Registration level: Registered Scientist (RSci)
Job title:
PhD student and dental researcher
Professional body:
 Institute of Science and Technology
Scientist type: Explorer, Investigator

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Winner of the Science Council CPD Awards 2016 – RSci category

"[Professional registration]... allows colleagues and potential collaborators to see that I make every effort to be a well-rounded scientist."

Why I decided to apply for professional registration

I am proud to be a professional scientist and registration allows me to show that in a recognised way. It was important to me that my professional status could be displayed to the people I contact through my work.

How professional registration enhances my career

Through professional registration, I am able to present myself as a serious and professional scientist. The status that it provides allows colleagues and potential collaborators to see that I make every effort to be a well-rounded scientist.

The requirements of professional registration, to maintain a current Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio, encourages me to involve myself in more extracurricular activities and to reflect more deeply on the value of the work that I do.

The value of being a member of a professional body

Being a member of my professional body (the Institute of Science and Technology (IST)) gives me the opportunity to connect with other professionals in my field. Access to the IST’s publications and website is a valuable resource that encourages me in my work and broadens my knowledge of the work of others.

For anyone thinking about professional registration…

I think that you should seize the opportunity that professional registration can provide. Through a little extra effort and self-evaluation a professional scientist can easily get the recognition for the work that you do. Professional registration allows us all to showcase our best selves and to get the support of our professional bodies and the Science Council, in becoming even better.


Become professionally registered

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