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British Science Week – Science Council Lunch & Learn events

British Science Week 2024 Lunch & Learn events

British Science Week provides a chance to celebrate the diverse people and careers in science and engineering and we’re very excited to be bringing three fantastic speakers to you: Prof Chris Jackson,  Dr Hamied Haroon & Dr Marie Oldfield. Find out more about their talks below.

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Mon 11 March (12:00-13:00) speaker Prof Chris Jackson

Chris is a Professor of Sustainable Geoscience and an active science communicator, featuring recently in TEDx talks and the 2020 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures.  Chris is going to talk about his journey in (geo)science communication.

‘From dodgy pubs in West London to the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, I’ve been lucky to talk to many people about the important role geoscience plays in our everyday lives. But what have I learnt along the way? And can anything I’ve found out help us talk more productively with the public about the importance of science in society, especially as we face significant challenges such as climate change?’

Tue 12 March (12:00-13:00) speaker Dr Hamied Haroon

At the University of Manchester, Hamied combines his exciting research career in biomedical MRI with leadership work to improve the rights and opportunities for workers with disabilities. Hamied launched the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (NADSN), which has become a hub for people with disabilities working in universities and other organisations across the UK.

Hamied will talk about his own journey into science and academia, about setting up NADSN (ten years ago), and about the work that he and NADSN are doing to advance EDI and accessibility for disabled people in STEM.  

Thu 14 March (12:00-13:00) speaker Dr Marie Oldfield

Dr Marie Oldfield is a Senior Lecturer In Practice at London School of Economics. She works at the forefront of Ethical AI, driving improvement and development. Marie is the creator of the new AI Professional Accreditation that benchmarks practice in AI and interdisciplinary modelling. Marie is going to talk about the challenges faced by AI practitioners and the new AI Professional Standards and Accreditation developed by the IST in conjunction with academia and industry.

‘Learn more about what challenges AI Practitioners face and how we can solve them. Calls for legislation and regulation are accelerating the pace with which we need to assess our accountability. Working with AI and modelling affecting society means you need to not only showcase your skills but prove that you have robust methodology when it comes to your practice. How can you do this effectively?’


The events will also attract CPD accreditation from the Association for Accredited Learning.

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