Vision, Mission & Strategy


For the quality and cohesion of our scientists and the science they carry out to be the means of creating a more sustainable and empowered future for humanity.


To set the standards for scientists and assure adherence to these, attract the right calibre and range of people into the profession, bring together the scientific community, inspire confidence in and engagement with science.


To register all scientists and, with Science Council members, support them to uphold professional standards of conduct and capability that ensure they work in line with the vision.


  • Standards and Quality Assurance
    Set standards for scientists and put in place registration, development and de registration processes.
  • Attract and Engage
    Attract people into science or to engage with it. Attract those working in science to register. Support member bodies to meet the needs of the science community .
  • Policy and Exchange
    Provide cross-discipline leadership on the role of science, science policy and the ethical and policy issues influenced by or affecting those working in science.
  • Sustainability and Strength
    Be and be perceived to be the organisation with the know how, systems , franchise and capacity to lead science and scientists to act to fulfil the vision.


  • Inclusive
    …of all disciplines of science, through our member organisations
    …of all types of scientist and science technician
  • Balanced
    …in our support and promotion of members and scientific disciplines
    …in our communication of the impact of science
  • Informed
    …by evidence and research
    …by our members and registrants
  • Positive
    …about the contribution of scientists and technicians to society
    …about our members, our registrants and the science workforce as a whole
  • Collaborative
    …in our approach to debate and discussion
    …in our attitude